NMCDHH: The Lending Library

The Lending Library is now online and easier to access. Check it out at  https://NMCDHH.librarika.com! There you will be able to view all our library materials.

To create an account to use the online library catalog, email your name, address, and phone number to:nmcdhh.info@state.nm.us or lori.neubauer@state.nm.us. You will then receive an email from Librarika to set up a password.

You can reserve up to three items at a time. Once you reserve items, you can pick them up at the Commission’s Albuquerque Office at 505 Marquette Ave. NW, Suite 1550, or if you reside outside of Albuquerque, you can ask to have the library materials mailed to you; you will only be responsible to pay for the return postage.

For more questions you can contact Lori Neubauer at  lori.neubauer@state.nm.us.