Our Mission

To create a community of interpreters that collaborates to grow as a profession and in turn provide the highest quality of communication access to the Deaf community of New Mexico. The mission of the New Mexico Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf is to further the profession of signed language interpreters in the state of New Mexico.


Promote collaboration with other organizations that promote positive change for the profession and deaf community


Promote high standards of professionalism and the upholding of the Code of Professional Conduct as outlined by RID


Provide for the professional development of interpreters


Promote public awareness about the use of signed language interpreters

2017-2019 NMRID Board of Directors

These individuals volunteer their time and energy to ensure that our professional organization meets the needs of its members.

Andrea Ginn


Aundi graduated from UNM’s Signed Language Interpreting Program in 2009. She is the Professional Development Committee chair.  Aundi specializes in mental health interpreting, and holds the QHMI credential. She is also the NMCDHH staff interpreter, a mentor for NMM, and supervisor of the NMCDHH Apprentice Interpreter Program.

Contact: PresidentNMRID@gmail.com

Andrea Ginn

Nina Gullet

Vice President

Kristina “Nina” Gullett is a native of Albuquerque, and graduated from UNM’s Signed Language Interpreting Program Magna Cum Laude in 2012. She specializes in educational interpreting and holds RID’s Ed:K-12 certification. She is currently a staff interpreter with Albuquerque Public Schools and is dedicated to collaboration.

Contact: VicePresidentNMRID@gmail.com

Nina Gullet

Risa Roybal


Risa is a native New Mexican who was born and raised outside Santa Fe in a town called Pojoaque. She is NIC: Certified and has worked as a freelance interpreter in Albuquerque and the surrounding area for 8 years. She previously served as NMRID Board Secretary and NMRID Vice President.

Contact: secretary.nmrid@gmail.com

Risa Roybal

Mary Collard


Mary graduated from UNM with a B.S. in Signed Language Interpreting. She has experience working in a variety of interpreting settings, and has also obtained a certificate in healthcare interpreting from NTID. Mary was also the chair of NMRID’s Election Committee for two elections.

Contact: TreasurerNMRID@gmail.com

Mary Collard

Rachelle Clifford


Rachelle graduated from UNM with a BS in signed language interpreting and a BA in English. She works in a variety of settings as a freelance interpreter in the Albuquerque area and is a blogger for NMRID and assistant editor for a local literature and fine arts magazine.

Contact: MemberatLarge1.nmrid@gmail.com

Rachelle Clifford

BJ Thrash


BJ Thrash is a longtime member of RID and a founding member of NMRID. She holds the CSC, SC:L, NAD V, Texas V, and Texas Court credentials, and has served on the NM Signed Language Practices Board both as a Board Member and as Chairperson.

Contact: MemberatLarge2.nmrid@gmail.com

BJ Thrash

Sally Schwartz


Sally Schwartz graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from UNM’s Signed Language Interpreting Program in 1998. Sally holds the Certificate of Healthcare Interpreting from RIT/NTID and the QMI (Qualified Medical Interpreter) from the Cross Cultural Health Care Program. She is a mentor for NM Mentoring and holds the RID CI & CT.

Contact: MemberatLarge3.nmrid@gmail.com

Sally Schwartz


Certification Maintenance Program

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